Kolbeinn Daníel Þorgeirsson

Born August 29. 1981

Born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland with a background in restaurant management, customer service and entrepreneurship, Kolli has been working full time as a tour guide in Iceland since 2012.

"I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and showing them what Iceland has to offer. I have always had an ingrained passion for travelling and exploring the world and learning about other peoples cultures. In my work I have had the chance to see my own country and culture through others peoples eyes and it has been an ever mind-broadening experience."

Interests: Travelling, Indoor Bouldering, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Aviation (Single Engine Piston), Ocean Swimming, Bungee Jumping, Geology, History, Health


The Commercial College of Iceland 1996-2001

Commercial diploma, graduated 2001


Icelandic Flight Academy 2005-2006

PPL (Private Pilot Licence)


Naples Air Center 2006-2007

JAA ATPL Ground school

FAA IR (Instrument Rating)


The Iceland Tourist Guide School 2012-2014

Iceland Tour Guide Certificate


Commercial Drivers License 2013

Class D Certificate


Hard Ice Glacier Guide Training 2014

Level I Certificate


Icelandic (Native speaker) English (fluent) Danish (advanced) Swedish and Norwegian (intermediate) German (basic) Spanish and Greek (elementary)